Medicine Cabinet Redo from Disaster

Having a young child required various medicines, it also requires you knowing where the medicine is.  We tried to create a makeshift medicine cabinet in our kitchen using bins.  The problem is that the bottles would spill in the bins and the different medicines would become all jumbled.  

In our old home, we had medicine cabinets in 2 of our bathrooms, specifically one in the half bath downstairs which stored the medicines for the kids.  This allowed us to be able to grab some Tylenol quickly when needed.

I have complained since we moved in that I wanted a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  I really had a vintage style white cabinet with the cute knob with board and baton in mind.  I have about 20 similar pictures pinned in my Pinterest just like this one.  My husband said I wouldn't be able to finish it in the timeframe that I wanted.  He was probably right.

We went searching at the big box stores for a cabinet.  I wanted a recessed one because my bathroom is not very big.  We found a floor model and negotiated $40 for the cabinet.  What a deal!

This would be perfect!  Now to convince the husband to help me cut a hole over the sink to mount a medicine cabinet.  Don't most people put mirrored medicine cabinets over their sinks?  Everyone except for the engineers at Ryan Homes!

After promising my husband ice cream and chocolate, he helped cut out over the sink in the bathroom.  I was tending to the baby when he yells for me to come into the bathroom.  This is what lay behind the sheetrock.  

What was a girl to do??

Convince her husband to cut more holes in the walls?  Yes.  Yes, indeed.

At this point in the demolition of our bathroom, he was not happy with my decision to cut additional holes in the wall and he cut the hole lower down that I had wanted, it was also off center just a hair. I chose to keep this to myself.

He was a bit tired of cutting holes and was concentrating on framing where the cabinet would sit and repositioning the wiring as there is an outlet just below the hole.

I decided the mirrored medicine cabinet was NOT the look I was going for.  I decided to remove the door to the cabinet and make my own.  I had some extra wood from doing some other projects and I used the handy Kreg Jig to make a door.  I made the door a bit taller than the original door and a bit wider on the open side to account for the hair it was off center.  I then used a paddle bit to cut notches where the hinges would go.

This particular cabinet came with 2 glass shelves which we added later.  Now there was plenty of room for our medicine bottles and Sofia Band-Aids!

I believe I went to the ladies room for 10 seconds and came back to some artwork from my 3 year old decided would compliment the decor in the bathroom.

I then recruited my oldest daughter to help me paint a mural on the door.  I wanted a daisy.  I figured a white daisy would be neutral enough to go with any season.  But, polling my family let to going with my husbands vote.  My husband is in love with sunflowers, so a big happy sunflower won.

My oldest daughter and I stained the door with some Dark Walnut stain and then used Acrylics to paint the sunflower.

Here it is mounted in the bathroom.

I chose Sherwin Williams Contented to play off the yellow/orange of the sunflower.  And here is my finished powder room.  Not at all close to my Pinterest posts, but it's a happy room nonetheless.


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