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Over Door Shelf

A few months ago, we had a whole house filter installed.  My husband has many allergies and having our water free of harmful chemicals was one of our priorities.  As with many other companies, the purchase of this filter came with a "5 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP" to Liquid Soap Products.  This is their pitch.  They use what you normally spend on soaps, detergents and cleaners to determine the "benefit" you will receive from the filtration system.  So, say you spend $100 per month for shampoo, laundry detergent, cleaners, dish detergents and hand soap. If that cost per month for the system is less than what the unit costs, "IT IS PERFECT FOR YOU".

For us, we needed the filter for my husbands allergies, any free products were simply a plus.  We had been looking for a filter since we moved into this house.  If we use the "free soaps", wonderful.  If not, no big issue.  I will continue using many of the same products I do today because I like them better…

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