FINALLY! New Floors for the Holidays!!

We have lived in this home for 3 years and I FINALLY made a decision and had the money to install new floors.  Over the past few years I have debated on what to get.

I really love the look of site installed/finished floors, but with two littles ones that was out of the questions.  I then was contemplating engineered or laminate options.  However, my family is not good at picking up spills quickly.  Ice cubes are overlooked, the dogs water bowl gets knocked over, my husband tracks in mud from the backyard and my dear 3 year old often mops the floor to "help".

I had researched Luxury Vinyl tile and brought home a few samples of the Coretec Plus.  I also had a sample of a Mannington Laminate that I liked.  The deciding factor was.....our dishwasher decided to soak the floor.  The decision was made.

  • Waterproof
  • no transition strips
  • dent resistant
  • stratch resistant
  • quiet
  • warm
  • softer
  • perfect for uneven floors

We've only had the house "back together" for a week.  I'll try to post some more photos soon!

Reminder of Before, this carpet even though is was the upgrade, in three years was terrible.  It feels so much better now.

This is what our main living area looks like after

Even the installer was excited to see the end result of the flooring up against my wood projects! :)
Happy Holidays to everyone out there!  I hope you had a fabulous time with your family and your friends!

Here is a before picture
LoveSac Sactional • Everette Sofa table • Anna White 20 second Table

Family Room during install

During Installation.  In this shot, you can see that the flooring looks perfect going from over linoleum that was in the kitchen into the Family Room which was concrete.
This is the perfect side by side comparison and my favorite view of my house.  With this flooring it was not required that I have any transition strips between any of my rooms.

Before and After
I love how they installed the boards.  In many other homes, the boards are perpendicular to the front door.  I love the sight line of this install better and it was how I actually wanted it to look.  I was quite pleased.
(please disregard the unfinished board and baton in the dining room)
Morning room
Arcadia Ext Table
Powder Room
Love the way the flooring looks in this room for some reason

Morning Room during Installation.  You can see here, the flooring was installed directly over the existing linoleum.  
Looking from Kitchen into Living Room/Dining Room.  The dining Room/Living Room had carpet which was removed.   The kitchen/pantry had linoleum.  The flooring was installed directly over the existing flooring material.

Again, you can see in this room, the flooring was installed directly over the linoleum.
 I am so glad the flooring didn't end up being too dark against the cabinets.
Looks a little boring, I might want to decorate this space.


  1. Thank you for you pictures. We have had a hard time finding good non company pictures of this floor. We will be doing our whole home with this as well. How has it held up?

  2. Hi there! Please check out my review on these floors if you haven't already. Here is my one year review!


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