Everything seems to be falling into place...

I've decided on a builder and home I really like.  We want to stay fairly close to the area we are now so the neighborhood is perfect.  RH purchased about 25 lots in a fairly new development.  I showed them to David and he is in agreement that it is the PERFECT house for us!  I have been on the Ryan Homes website EVERYDAY for the last week.  I convinced David to go look at another plan since I couldn't find the one we wanted available in this area.  As I was looking at the home yesterday, right before my eyes, the model of the ROME came open.  I called them just to make sure the website wasn't lying to me!  I was super excited.

We get to the model and it is a different elevation than the one I like.  I think I would like to do elevation C but I have to research the models a little bit more.  When we arrived at the home it appeared there was a woman purchasing a home!  Already??  The model has only been open for a little bit.

I guess I was so excited, I only took one picture of the home and that was the kitchen!  That is the best part of a house isn't it??

We toured the house and decided that we weren't going to close in the loft.  We like the way it was open at the top of the stairs.  David loved EVERYTHING about the house.  As did I.

We went back into the kitchen and filled out the information sheet.  Patty (Sales Rep) was there to talk to us and she was so very nice.  She sat down with us and did a preliminary dream house to list what it was going to cost.  We were shocked to find out with some upgrades we would be able to afford this easily.  We looked at the available lots and I really liked Lots 85 and 76.  Out of the 25 lots RH built only 12 are still available.  And only a handful will fit the Rome.

You can imagine my panic.  My perfect house.  My perfect neighborhood.  It was going to get away!  When I got home and you know I was online staring at this house, my Realtor called.  I told her how excited I was and she advised that I try to call the RH Lender, NVR since I had already been pre-approved by another. I Immediately called Patty back and asked her.  She said the lender was not open today but that she had a worksheet she could do and that would tell her if I had a shot.  We went through the worksheet and she said I shouldn't have ANY issues securing pre-approval.  She said if I came back in tomorrow, I could put a hold on the lot of my choice.

I made a pact with David that we weren't going to mention this to anyone since we weren't that far into the process.  I backed out..as soon as David went out, I couldn't help myself and called my mom.  She wanted to see the house and will be her first thing tomorrow!!


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