The Model Home - The Rome

Happy Mother's Day to me....and all of you too!

Today we went and toured the model home again with my parents.  I told them to keep an open mind as they are VERY Traditional.  The loved it.  I think my mom is jealous of the island.  I mean who wouldn't be? Two adults could easily lay on it!  It would be a bit uncomfortable but this thing is HUGE.

When I first mentioned to my realtor that I didn't want the island.  She looked at me sideways and asked "Have you seen this island???".  Now I know what she means!!

Here is the kitchen in the Model Home.  I really like white cabinets better.  I hated the floors.  The countertop is also a bit dark for my taste.

Here is the map of the development.  Today we mapped out how our home will fit on LOT 76.  It's a really big footprint house and we want the additional morning room and a 3 Car Garage.  I put a deposit down to hold Lot 76!

Here is a picture of the Model Home.  I believe it is Elevation M.
I really like the combination of the gray and beige.

Model Home

Irish Thistle Shake Siding
Sandy Tan Vinyl
Elevation M Cottage Style
Board & Batten Shutters in Dark Berry
Black Fox Door


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