Signing the Purchase Agreement

Our appointment to sign the purchase agreement was today.  We were NOT prepared to make all the decisions today.  I estimated the appointment would last about an hour.  It was over two hours.

We get to the Model Home and both Patty and Brian are there.  This is the first time I have met Brian.  We sit down and we start to do the paperwork.  He advises me that he does not think my house is going to fit on the lot.  When my dad and I had plotted out the home on Sunday we had plotted it with a 20 foot set back.  We knew that the house was on the top of the hill and the back of our house would be visible to the WHOLE development.  But, I thought it was the only lot that it would fit on.  This is why we chose 76.  We also chose this lot because for some reason I really want the garage to be on the Right Hand side.

We walked across the street to Lot 76 and he told me that my lot doesn't start until 17 feet from the road.  So now this is a 37 foot set back.  Also, since the home would be on curve, the builder would have the home face the curve and not parallel to the road.  We took the tape measure and measured where the house would be.  The back of the morning room would end just as the back yard made a pretty steep downward slope.  Yes we would have adequate yard areas on the front and side, but we would have no backyard.  This would not fit a baby and two dogs....

Brian advised we go take a peak at a different lot.  There were two other lots but I refuse to live on another Cul De Sac.  I can't say that it would happen, but the house in the Cul De Sac always ends up being the house all the kids in the neighborhood end up in!  Working from home in the summer time, this is NOT an option.

Lot 95 is the last house in the development.  This development butts up against another older development.  We mapped out the house on this lot.  We will not have a whole lot of space on either side of the house but our backyard should be AMAZING.  And I have trees!!  And there is a farm back there!

The VERY best part??  Right hand garage baby.  I send the photo's to David and he likes this one much better than Lot 76.

Lot 95 down in the lower left hand corner

Here is our LOT!

I took this to show where our land ends.  There is a marker behind the big tree in the upper right hand corner.  This lot is about 15,013 sq ft.  Perfect.

So my excitement fades quickly when we get back to the model and not only do I have to pick all of my options now......the estimate they gave me for my 3 car garage was slightly understated.  How much you ask?  $4200!  Ok.  Not quite that bad.  I can handle that.  Then we start to go through the kitchen features.  I knew what I wanted.  I opted for the stainless and added the cool faucet David played with during the tour.  Then they ask me is if I want the morning room.  "Yes".  Do we want the Optional Island?  "Sorry?  Optional?  It's not included when you buy the morning room?"  Apparently not.  "How much?"  Ugh...that price plus the difference in the garage all in 15 minutes just yanked my hardwoods right out from under me.

Obviously subject to change but Options I chose:  

Morning Room
Optional Windows in Morning Room (2)
3 Car Garage
Elevation L (not C)
Espresso Cabinets (I was vetoed off the gate in regards to wanting white cabinets)
Gourmet Island
Laminate Flooring downstairs except in Family Room and study
Level (B) Carpet in remaining rooms and upstairs with upgraged pad
Nickel Finishes
Fireplace on side
Upgrade to Stainless
Upgraded Moen Faucet kitchen (David LOVED this silly thing)
42" Cabinets with molding package
Upgraded Owner's bath with Carerra Tile surround and Tile Flooring
Double Vanity in Owner's bath
Ceiling Fans in all bedrooms, loft and morning room
Recessed lighting in Kitchen and Family Room
Floodlights outside Morning Room
Gas Range hookup (pleasantly surprised when I found they now mount microwave over range)
10x12 Patio off Morning Room

Guardian Appointment which covers all your wiring and electronic placement is scheduled for June 1 - Budget: $1,000 (should I leave David home?)

Photo of The Rome - Elevation L
(mine will be 3 Car Garage)

Loving the Gray with the Beige. 

This is NOT my house but this is similar to what I want.

Love the blue shutters on this one


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