EEEK!! Wrong Shutters

I went buy the house this evening to check on the progress.  As I drove up, I was so very happy.  All of the siding and trim is complete.  I noticed that they had installed a pair of shutters on the front of the house.  I absolutely love how the colors are coming together and am waiting for Monday when the stone will be installed.

I took a picture and as I started to send it to David, I realized....the WRONG shutters are on the house.  I am soo disappointed that I can't see what it really should look like. I feel traumatized that I saw my house with the wrong accessories.

All kidding aside, I think it should be an easy fix for Luke on Monday unless they have to order the correct shutters.  I hope it's an easy fix.

Here are regular shutters

These are Board N Baton Shutters.
They go with the Cottage Elevation I purchased.


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