Pre-Dry Wall Meeting and Guardian Walk Through

Today was the pre-dry wall inspection and our walk through with Guardian.  So far everything is running smoothly.  All of the extra outlets, rough-ins and lighting were placed exactly as we had asked.

We requested a few additional outlets in:

The master bedroom closets for a vanity or ironing board
The landing where the stairs turn for a nightlight or while vacuuming
The pantry for small appliances or a flashlight
The Master Control closet for extra components

For Guardian we got:

Surround sound pre-wire
Cable in all the bedrooms
Data in the loft and BR#3 (David's office)
Digital Pre-wire for the television in the Family Room

We had gone to the model home during the weekend to match the plan with where they put all of the outlets. We noticed that in the model it was missing some of the "standard" outlets that were actually on the plan.  But, I was relieved to find that all of the outlets were in my home!


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