Friday Update End of Week 9

Our stone is finished!!  Mid week will be completion of the dry wall which includes filling all nail holes and sanding.

After the dry wall is complete they will start on the trim, hang doors, molding, additional trim and cabinets.   Also, the outside trim will be installed.

Then, by the following week we should see some paint being applied to the walls.

Still no sign of Duke Power and the removal of my lawn ornament light post.

Jessica's 51 day mark estimate of remaining items.

08/31 Week 10  Finish Dry Wall start on Trim, cabinets, doors and plumbing fixtures and finish outside trim including gutters start on painting.
09/06 Week 11 Finish painting and. EDIT:  Light post moved!  So that means Driveway and Patio too!  All trades are due this week including electrician for lighting and outlets, guardian for wiring, tiler for bathroom and my granite is coming!.
09/13 Week 12 Flooring
09/20 Week 13 tbd
09/27 Week 14 tbd
10/04 Week 15 Pre-Settlement walk thru??
10/11 Week 16 FINISHED! (or at least within the next few days)


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