Guardian Appointment

First let me start by saying we had decided NOT to go with the security system offered by Guardian.  I knew what we wanted and what rooms we wanted them in.  The security system was not in the budget.

Our appointment was this morning at 10:00 am.  Our appointment was with Brian.  He introduced himself and met Olivia.  He has an Olivia too! 

He explained that today's appointment was just to pick out what we wanted to get and in what room.  The actual placement of the items will be determined during the pre-wall walk through. 

The choices we decided at our appointment are as follows:

Package of 6 inputs $710:
Master - Coax
BR1 - Coax
BR2 - Coax
BR3 - Coax
BR4 - Coax
Loft - Coax

Additonal 4 (Included free with home)
Loft - Data
Br4 - Data (David's "Office")
Study - Data
Study - Phone

Pre-wire data run to the Study $440

We told him we were in a contract with another Security System Company and he offered to give us 5 months for free to get us out of our contract duration so the cost would be

$250 installation
$215 Carbon Monoxide Detection
$195 Smoke Detection

*huh??  How did that happen??  He sure was good...

Total $1810

We got home and have a few changes.  We are definitely not getting the Security System.  We found we have longer than we thought on our contact.  I am chaning the routing to the "master closet" which is $665 for the Data pre-wire and we are probably dropping one of the data installations.  I also emailed Brian about surround sound pre-wire.  We may add that if it's not too much.



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