Pre-construction Meeting and Milan Tour

Today was the Pre-construction meeting with Jason and Luke.

Here is how today was "supposed" to go.  (Key Bill and Ted music)

I printed 4 different model homes that I was interested in seeing. Two were priced similar to that of the Rome and two were way above our price point. I wanted to see some of the bells and whistle upgrades of the higher priced models as well as those that were similar to that of the model we were purchasing.

My mother was due to come over around 10 and my Pre-construction meeting was at 1:00pm.  That would give us at least enough time to tour at least two of the models.  And give Nana time with Liv.

Real World.

My mom gets to my house a little before 10:00 am as I was finishing up a few emails. She isn't even at the house ten minutes when we get a request for a showing for noon. The Pre-construction meeting is at 1:00 so, not big deal, I reschedule for that time and then we SCRAMBLE to pick up the house so we can go at least get one model home tour in.

We drive to one of the model homes and do a quick tour.  See the model here.  I was a poor photographer, I only took pictures of the rooms that were similar to my rooms.  I will do better next time.

During the model home tour I get another showing request for 3:00-5:00 PM. We drive home quickly to pick up Joc and the dogs. They go with Nana. I take baby to the Pre-construction meeting.   The plan was for them to walk/stay around the neighborhood with the baby and the dogs.  That idea didn't work out because it was 95 degrees and walking them during meeting was out if the question. 

Pre-Construction Meeting

During the meeting, I met the current project manager Jason and another man named Luke.  Jason would be the project manager but if for some reason he had to leave to go to another development, Luke would step in.  Luke will be at all "major" meetings to ensure he has a good handle on what is going on.  Jason and Ryan Homes Kudos to you for this.  This was an excellent idea. 

We discussed the "rough" timeline of everything that was going to be happening through July.  Hopefully by the end of July the shell of the house will be built and we'll have a pretty good idea what the house looks like!

Here is the projected schedule that I understood today.  Obviously this is subject to change either by nature or Jessica's misunderstanding :)

Week 1- (6/23-6/29) - Underground plumbing installed, house staked out.  Request to move light pole and utilities.

Week 2 - (6/30-7/6) - Transfer of ownership from developer to Ryan Homes.  Concrete poured including slab and driveway.

Week 3&4 - (7/7-7/20) - Lumber delivered and framing done.

Week 5 - (7/21-7/27) - Pre-dry wall inspection/meeting.

We took a quick walk to the lot and they showed me the fabulous utility and telephone pole in my front yard.  They will need to request it moved.  They explained that my driveway would be at about a 17% 'ish grade uphill.  The house was staked out and I could see where it would sit on the property.  They explained how they would grade the lot and place sod/seed for the landscaping. (I forgot to take a picture today but will try to swing by there this weekend)

We discussed all of the details of the construction including the appliances, the furnace, the tankless hot water heater.  The only discrepancy we found was we had the wrong elevation.  The elevation I chose was elevation L.  This has stonework along the entire left front, and along what they call the water-line along the front.  It goes a foot or so up from the bottom of the home.  The SAR had elevation L lite which only had stone along the water-line, similar to the model home.  However, my paperwork had the correct one and so my SR, Brian, came to the rescue and assured me it was easily fixed.

Here is the difference
In the elevation below the stone is on the entire left side of the home.

Note in the model home below the stonework is only along the bottom of the front.

After the meeting I barely make it home by 3, I throw dogs in the car and we all go get Snow Cones with Nana and Joc. We drive to find shade and sit for a moment to eat our Snow Cones.  Nana and Joc leave to avoid rush hour traffic and the daily thunder showers we've been getting.

Here is where the fun begins!  I sit in my car with two dogs and a 6 month old in 95 degree heat.  There are only so many places you can "drive" to.  So, we find some shade and sit ....and wait....wait to return home at 5:00.

After a fairly exhausting day I go home.  Oh..the air conditioning feels so nice.  I bring everyone in and at exactly 5:00 as I am carrying Taylor's crate into the house, I receive a text that the 3:00-5:00 NEVER went to the house and they were requesting to reschedule to 5:15-6:15. I get the dogs back in the car (and of course Liv) and again wait an hour in my new shady spot until 6:15. 

Not the day I had envisioned. 


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