Flooring Decision Change

I've been driving my mother and husband crazy since my appointment with Advanced Flooring.  I don't like the Level A hardwood choices and I certainly don't like the Level B hardwood choices.  I am having the hardest time justifying paying $7-10 THOUSAND dollars for something that I hate.  I also am having a really hard time giving up granite countertops to pay for them.

They remind me of the flooring that would be at a steak house covered in peanuts.

Update: I figured it out!  This is what the floors remind me of.

I dragged David to Home Depot, Lowes and Lumber Liquidators to look at flooring.  Are Armstrong and Bruce losing all new construction sales in the Carolina's due to this new no laminate floor on a concrete slab thing?  There are not a lot of basements here. If so, why is it that the three above do not know about this? 

We do love dark hardwood.  We just don't like the hand scraped wood and think the one in the model was a little dark.

We priced a hardwood at Lumber Liquidators that I really like.  It's still dark but not as dark as the above.  This is still engineered wood but it can be refinished. They are sending us a sample.

Flooring Decision - I am changing my floor selections and will put Vinyl flooring on the first floor and we will have hardwoods that I actually like installed after closing.


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