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OH MY! We Were SLIMED!!!

It happens.  You're in the bathroom.  You're putting in a load of laundry or just relaxing on the couch and all of a sudden, your children are....... Q U I E T.  You breathe a sigh of relief for a brief moment and smile to yourself that they are actually playing together peacefully.  The moment turns into one and then two moments go by and suddenly you are all two aware that five minutes have passed and your children have not made a sound.
You get up and peek around the corner and your children are all staring, staring silently at a spot on the floor.  On your lovely carpet.  Whether it a brand new area rug, a five year old builder grade carpet or a 30 year  old shag carpet, one thought runs through your mind.  You DO NOT want to go have to buy another or figure out how to replace it.
I was sooo upset when I saw this.  I know I should keep a better eye on them when they play with this, but again, you cannot watch them every second.  
I promise my friend, you will smile again …

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